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KTM 125sx 2007-2015 150cc Big Bore Kit

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Part Number:BBSKTM125-150Kit
2007-2015 KTM125sx big bore stroker 150cc 56mm complete kit bottom & top-end includes: 

Kit includes: 
1. Complete stroker crankshaft assembly with Rod kit installed and factory trued. 
2. Two Crankshaft Main Bearings 
3. Complete Gasket Set 
4. Complete Engine oil seal kit.  
5. Complete KTM150 cylinder kit (56mm cylinder & cylinder head, 56mm piston kit, powervalve, cylinder side covers ) 

This is a bolt on kit, no case mods needed. 

(we will refund $200.00 for your old KTM125 or KTM150 cylinder, head and power valve (all included in this kit) 

ship core cylinder to: 

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West Middlesex Pa 16159

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