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KTM 85sx 105CC Big Bore Kit 2003-2012

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Part Number:SXS11105000

2003-2012 Brand new KTM 105cc big bore cylinder 52 mm bore.

This cylinder will bolt right on 2003-2012 KTM85 or KTM105 all models sx ex etc.

All parts are brand new

KTM 105 Cylinder, KTM 105 Cylinder head, KTM105 exhaust power valve. 
OEM KTM Vertex piston kit (wiseco also available), rings, pin and clips, top-end gasket set.
This is a bolt on kit, no case mods needed. (This is a brand new complete top-end) 
(we will refund $100.00 if you send us your old KTM85 or KTM105 cylinder, head, & powervalve)(all are included in this Kit)